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Do Not Make your happiness past or present or future tense but make it as present continous...


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"The only one who can help you maximum is NONE other than YOURSELF"

Words From My Heart..

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Few lines by me..

" I started my walk with U thinking there are Miles to go..

I was alone but U never let me felt that..

U gave me love, U gave me care and u gave me way..

There came the good time and came the bad time..

I was not in fear as U were holding my hands..

I was sure we will reach our destination as U were walking ahead..

U wished I get my world but forgot that U r my world..

We kept walking..
I wished happiness for U..

and then U smiled..

oh, I reached my end and U still have Miles to go.. "

“Make Someone Smile Today & Keep Smiling” ~ aRuNiM.. :)
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